This book is a wonderful illustration of the well-known declamation To boldly go where no man has gone before. The first academic meeting devoted solely to Star Trek was held in Malta in July 2014. The meeting served as an international platform for academics from across many disciplines, both locally and international. And the need to document such an interesting cornucopia of research has led to the publication of this book. The organizing team will not stop here. With an upcoming Science Fiction Symposium to be held a year after the very successful Star Trek event, the authors intend to publish the proceedings of this symposium as well. Submitted abstracts were encouraged to explore and present contemporary issues in medicine, science and technology as well as philosophical, psychological and sociological issues relating to the Humanities, with a specific focus on and a direct correlation to science fiction. 2016 also marks the 50th anniversary from the launch of Star Trek: The Original Series, thus creating the need to prepare for another Star Trek event which will be held in July 2016. The organizers will shortly be inviting academics to send in abstracts. The proceedings of these events, when published will yield an interesting book series for both academics and science fiction readers alike. The authors also encourage readers to send abstracts or ideas for future symposia to [email protected]